About Stewart and Baker

STEWART and BAKER limited, with over 50 years combined experience of employment relations has developed a relationship building strategy that aims to improve relations and reduce disputes and conflicts between all levels of management and staff within any business, large or small, to improve the working environment for everyone.

Stewart and Baker offer a H/R support package at a fraction of the cost of employing someone to manage all of the everyday issues that arise from employing people.

We also offer an out of normal working hours contact telephone number to provide instant advice and guidance whenever needed.

With Stewart and Bakers support you can have the confidence and the knowledge that your staff are being managed in a competent and professional manner, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on your business development. Stewart and Baker Ltd intend to cater for a wide range of companies irrespective of which Industry they are in, ranging from small companies with up to 50 employees to large multi-national companies.

Essential to this is the development of a partnership approach between staff, management and where applicable the trade union.

The Introduction of an effective communications process for all levels within the company is also one of our aims.

We offer help and advice in keeping up to date and complying with new employment legislation.

Independent staff reviews to encourage staff to come forward with ideas and suggestions. Also to identify individual training needs and monitor staff attitude.

A speedy and effective mediation service to deal with conflict and disputes, resulting in the maintenance of working relationships.

Introduction of procedures that will help deal with grievances and disciplinary issues.

Help in training and developing staff.

Our Services are designed to give companies increased profits, job satisfaction and job security for its staff and confidence for its shareholders.

Our services will also help reduce absenteeism and increase staff retention.

ACAS are vigorously promoting Advanced Dispute Resolution instead of disputes going to tribunals; we see this as an opportunity to promote our speedy mediation service.

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