Stewart and Baker limited will advise and guide organisations through what can be a very stressful time. We will ensure that the outcome is fair and within Employment legislation which will also reduce the chances of anyone needing to go through the Employment Tribunal route.

Every business needs to be run with good discipline but actually having to discipline someone can be very stressful.

No matter how good your disciplinary procedures are it is still very difficult to take action against someone you know and work with.

Disciplinary action is not meant to be a punishment for something that has already happened.

The main purpose of taking disciplinary action is to prevent a re-occurrence and for everyone concerned to learn lessons from the experience.

If effective disciplinary action is not taken when it is necessary, then things fester and become more and more serious and difficult to deal with.

Working relationships are adversely affected and resentments build up throughout the workforce.

Appropriate action taken at the right time, will result in no repeat of the reason for the discipline in the first place. Fewer mistakes being made in the future and surprisingly increased motivation from the person being disciplined.

Stewart and Baker with their H/R support programme can help, advise and guide employers through the disciplinary process, ensuring that the best course of action is taken and that employers are not leaving themselves open to claims of unfair treatment or constructive dismissal.

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