Pathway to Partnership

Studies show that high quality workplace relationships are key to high quality business, high levels of customer care, increased employee engagement, higher levels of sales, lower staff turnover and increased levels of employee well-being. All of which are factors in the completion of the short and long terms goals of the organisation making the organisation the employer of choice.

All too often disparate attitudes of the workforce and management, unclear communications and low employee engagement lead to an environment that is counterproductive to an effective and efficient working environment.

Stewart and Baker Ltd have developed “Pathway to Partnership” a working in partnership process for organisations that want to maximise their working potential, develop effective and long lasting employment relations with employees at all levels and increase employee engagement.

The long-term aim of “Pathway to Partnership” is to work with and along side organisations to achieve best practice at all levels of the organisation thus achieving:

  • Higher levels of employee engagement
  • Lower training cost
  • High levels of employee retention
  • Lower levels of recruiting costs
  • Increased and more effective communication through the organisation
  • Agreed goals
  • Changes with assistance not resistance
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher levels of customer care
  • Greater competitiveness
  • Clarity not conflict
  • Joint commitment
  • Improved industrial relations within the workplace
  • Increased motivation
  • Higher skill level
  • Decreased employment disputes, conflicts, disciplinary hearings and grievances
  • Reduced employment tribunals
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased job satisfaction

The long-term benefit of “Pathway To Partnership” is to free management and staff’s time and energy to concentrate on the jobs they are employed for.

This will be helped by the level of increased employee engagement and employee well being seen throughout the organisation.

A frequently asked question:
“Why should we worry about employee engagement, we have other issues to deal with?”

The answer to this is:
“It will measurably cost your company in performance, productivity, turnover, profitability and customer satisfaction if you don’t!!!”

Employee engagement is:
“The positive attitude that is held by employees towards your company.”

  • A company with a fully engaged workforce have a workforce who is emotionally and intellectually committed to the company and its success.
  • Fully engaged employees are aware of the business context, goals and values of the company, and will work with colleagues to actively improve performance for the benefit of the company.

“Companies who fail to engage their employees, fail to achieve their full potential"

Companies committed to high employee engagement have:

  • Improved 19.2 % in operating income over 12 month period
  • Improved 13.2 % in net growth over 12 month period

Companies who are NOT committed to high employee engagement:

  • Decline in operating income by 32.7 %
  • Decline in net growth by 3.8 %
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