Services Offered

Stewart and Bakerís H/R support package will help your organisation achieve the following:

  • Reduction of management time spent on H/R
  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Reduction in workplace grievances
  • Reduction in disciplinary actions.
  • Reduction in Employment tribunal cases
  • Reduction in work related stress
  • Reduction in staff turnover
  • Reduction of overhead costs
  • Increased profits
  • Increased productivity
  • Increase in staff morale
  • Increase in staff well being
  • Retention of quality staff
  • Increased communications between individuals, teams and departments on all levels.
  • A clear structure for your staff to work from.
  • Independent staff reviews resulting in feedback and suggestions from staff
  • Employee work support strategies in place
  • Implementation of training programmes.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
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